Friday, July 8, 2022

A Garden of Life

A Garden of Life

A little Earth to plant our feet and sow our seeds. 

A little water to quench our thirst and wash our aura. 

A little Sun to lift our heart and brighten our day. 

A little Air to fly our soul and soar free. 

A little Ether to give us peace and help us sleep.

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Losing Self Importance is not so Bad

When the Sense 
of your own radiant self-importance
Falls away, at first you feel lost and empty,
while veils of blindness are lifted.

Then you begin to see clearly,
the hidden treasure behind the dance of 
attraction and aversion.

You have not seen the likes of this treasure before.

You don't have to seek it, 
Relax, breathe slowly, 
Be still.
It will come to you,
of its own accord,
You will know it when it arrives!

Monday, March 7, 2022

No Death Here

When the veil of perception 
between inner and outer 
Melts away,
There is no death here,
Only the ever living and the eternal!

Always in Relationship with Ourself

As your consciousness 
becomes aware of its inherent Oneness
with all Life.

Your heart awakens to a world where everything 
is a continuous living relationship 
with itself.

Imbued with this Unified perception 
Love, compassion, tolerance, respect and courtesy 
flow naturally.

The barriers between 'self and other' 
become a thin veil
we can see through. 

When barriers of 'Self' fall away

When the barriers of "self" fall away
Inner and outer worlds dissolve.

There arises a Unified perception
Where all is Consciousness 
and Conscious.
"Inner and outer" become a living continuum 
Where imminence and transcendence mingle as One.

Where the One knows itself as many,
and the Many knows itself as One.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Always Growing

We cannot not Awaken,
We cannot not Grow,

for we are that

which is ever awakening
Always Growing.

Resolve Conflict

You cannot resolve
By taking a Side!